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Tip: Where has this been all my life!

If, like me, you love baked Camembert, you'll be used to baking it straight from its box. On a recent trip to Berkshire, I discovered a fabulous cookware shop in Hungerford. It was a treasure trove of the usual items, like glassware and bakeware, however, proudly displayed on a shelf all of its own, was a selection of "Cheese Pots"

I didn't even realise such things existed, so you can imagine my delight when I saw them .... and naturally I had to buy one!

I chose a green colour as it matched my kitchen decor!

Baking Camembert in its own box is ok but does have its pitfalls. Depending on the quality of the "plywood type box" can depend on whether its splits with the heat of the oven, meaning you're left with a gooey mess and less cheese to eat and also when removed from the oven to serve, it doesn't stay warm and also doesn't look particularly nice to look at.

Using a pot designed for this specific task, it looks the part and keeps the cheese piping hot and is easier to remove from the oven - a definite winner in my book!

Prices will of course vary, depending on where you buy from. Mine was £15.

I have seen them at my local Food & Wine Merchant, Whitmore and White https://www.whitmoreandwhite.co.uk/paxton-whitfield-camembert-baker/ but I'm sure plenty of places have them. I would definitely recommend :-)

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