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Tip: Poaching Eggs The Easy Way

I love poached eggs, although I am yet to find anyone who made them as perfectly as my mum did, however, I just cannot master the spinning water, whirlpool type method that she used, it just ends up in a stringy mess and isn't appetising if even edible at all ....

I'm sure many of you can relate to this and have stuck to scrambled or fried eggs instead.

Well, I am going to share my top tip with you, which guarantees poached eggs you'll be proud of!

The secret is cling film .... yes cling film, let me show you:

Use a ramekin or similar sized dish, line with a decent size piece of cling film, give one spray of something like fry light if you wish, and then bring all the sides up and tie into a knot, as below.

Place into boiling water for about 4 mins, drain and snip the parcel just below the knot and release the egg! Enjoy :-)

I'd love to hear your feedback after trying this technique out.

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