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Review: Half Moon Inn, Sheepwash, Devon

I recently visited a friend in Sheepwash, North Devon and decided to try the local pub, The Half Moon Inn, for dinner one night. I have been to Sheepwash a few times now, so thought it was about time I set foot inside the pub!

I didn't have to reserve a table as I went in fairly early (6pm ish) The pub is situated across the village square from the place I was staying, so to say it was handy was a real understatement.

I received a really warm welcome from the lady behind the bar and there were a few locals in that smiled, which in itself was welcoming. So often you go into a "local" and everyone stares at you like you have two heads ... this was not the case here.

The interior was clean and what you'd expect from a rural country pub.... well preserved beams and exposed wood with photos of the local area on the walls.

I was shown to a table and a young gentleman brought me a menu, knife and fork and condiments. he was also very pleasant.

I was very impressed with the variety and amount of choices on the menu.... they catered for all tastes. There was also a good specials menu.

The first page inside the menu was a "welcome" giving you a potted history of the pub and it's fishing background, dating back to the 1600s. There is also accommodation available here.

I didn't bother with a starter as I had spotted a meal going to another table and thought it was rather sizable, so went straight for the main course. I am so glad I did!

I decided to try the Slow Roasted Belly Pork, with black pudding mashed potatoes served with an apple, onion and cider gravy and seasonal vegetables. I was not disappointed.

10/10 for presentation. In fact, I just stared at it for a few mins.... wondering where I was going to start! The vegetables then arrived and were equally as appealing on the eye. Talk about eat the rainbow!

All the food was piping hot and I doubt the kitchen even has a microwave! You can certainly tell if something has been microwaved and this was as far removed from that as it could be.

The belly pork was done to perfection and the meat had been scored to make it easier to eat, however, it just fell apart anyway..... but the thought was there. There were decent sized slices of apple in the gravy so you could actually taste apple and plenty of onions too. If I had one criticism, it would be the thickness of the gravy (jus). I know traditionally a jus is on the thinner side and I realise that it is down to personal preference to want it slightly thicker, hence me not really making anything of it. I enjoyed it all the same.

The mash was creamy and you could clearly taste the black pudding and the vegetables were still on the crunchy side as they should really be - perfect!

The pork cracking deserves a paragraph all to itself. It was salty, crunchy and warm but the curled pieces were of a size that were easy to manage and therefore easy to eat (sorry but I used my fingers!!)

I was determined to finish the meal.... so glad I didn't have a starter. I have to admit I was totally full to busting when i left but I was one very happy customer.

I would definitely recommend the Half Moon Inn for food and hospitality, as you were made to feel very welcome and the meal I had was restaurant quality. In fact it beats some restaurants I have eaten in. The prices were very reasonable and as you can see they were not shy with the portions.

I will definitely be eating in there again. 9/10

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