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Homemade Scones

Scones are a staple in most peoples eyes and with the recent popularity of an Afternoon Tea they seem more popular than ever. So many recipes and so many variations, therefore I am giving my basic recipe with my tip for pulling the dish together as a finished article and you vary as you would like. Some people like fruit, some don't ... so just tweak as you wish.

The Recipe Ingredients Makes 6-8

225g self raising flour

1 pinch of salt

50g butter (cold, cut into cubes)

25g caster sugar

50g sultanas

120ml milk ( I used semi skimmed)


Pre heat your oven to Gas 6 (200C) and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

Put the flour, salt and butter into a mixing bowl and mix until it looks like breadcrumbs (either in a mixer or by hand) then add the sultanas and sugar.

Next add the milk and stir together till it starts to form a dough.

Knead this mixture together to form a ball of dough.

Dust some flour onto your worktop and roll out the dough with a rolling pin. Ensure the dough is about an inch thick.

TIP: However, if like me you struggle to cut a scone evenly, my tip is to roll out the dough slightly thinner and use 1 size smaller cutter. You can then use each piece as a half a scone (no cutting required!!) The choice is yours.

Use a cookie cutter to cut out the dough (whichever option you choose to adopt) and lay them out on the baking tray. The amount of scones made will depend on how thick the dough is.

Bake in a pre heated oven for 10 -12 mins (if your oven is fan assisted it might not take that long so keep an eye on them)

Remove from the oven and place on a wire rack to cool.

I prefer to cut them slightly thinner and use 1 as a top & 1 as a bottom - no cutting!

When cooled decorate for eating. I used strawberry jam, whipped up double cream (I'd run out of clotted cream) and sliced fresh strawberries then finished off with a dusting of icing sugar.

Whichever order you put the jam and cream is entirely up to you! :-)

If you wish to freeze them before decorating them you can, just make sure they are completely cold before putting in the freezer. Enjoy!!

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