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Chorizo Cous Cous

In the Winter months I usually opt for something hot to eat at lunchtimes. Cous Cous is really simple to make, if you can boil a kettle you're practically done!

You can use chicken or even mixed beans as a replacement into this recipe, if you aren't keen on chorizo or prefer a meat free version.

The Recipe Ingredients

100g Cous Cous (I use wholegrain but the choice is yours)

6-8 cherry tomatoes chopped in half

1/2 small red onion finely chopped

1tsp garlic powder

4 inch piece of chorizo, skin off and sliced into circles

Flat leaf parsley finely chopped

salt & pepper to taste


Put the cous cous in a bowl. Boil the kettle and pour boiling water over the cous cous. You need just enough to cover the top of the cous cous (don't drown it) then cover the bowl well with foil and set aside.

In a small frying pan add the chorizo on a low light and gently cook till you see the oil coming from the chorizo. At this point add the red onion, garlic powder and tomatoes and stir together for a few mins until softened.

When softened add the chopped parsley, salt and pepper and give one final stir.

Remove the foil from the bowl of cous cous - the water should have all been soaked up. Fluff up with a fork and add the ingredients from the pan, stir and serve hot.

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