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Cheats Banoffee Pie

Preparing a tasty dessert doesn't mean you have to be a pastry chef or have to spend all day in the kitchen, sometimes it can be quick, easy, inexpensive and can fool your friends!

Ah, now I have your attention .... hands up, how many times have we bought something pre-done and tried to pass it off as our own? Well, with this "cheats" recipe you can make it and fake it all in one!

The Recipe Ingredients

1 sweet pastry case

1 can of caramel condensed milk

1 300ml carton of whipping cream

1 large banana

coco powder for decoration (or a crushed Cadbury Flake if you prefer)


Unwrap the pastry case, empty the tin of caramel condensed milk into the case and spread evenly.

Set aside in the fridge for 30 mins to chill.

Meanwhile whip the cream until thick and peel and slice the banana into circular slices.

Remove the pastry case from the fridge and lay the banana slices on top until the caramel has been covered, then add the whipped cream on top of the bananas and spread evenly.

Decorate with coco powder or Cadbury Flake, your choice!

Voila!! One easy and very straightforward building exercise completed - serve with friends :-)

I'd love to know if you try this yourself, so please leave me a comment if you do and tell me how you got on!

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