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Cauliflower Cheese

If there was a Top 10 of comfort foods, I would hazard a guess that cauliflower cheese would be in there. It is an ideal accompaniment to lots of main meals and is regularly served with a roast these days! It isn't complicated or have a long list of ingredients, so this gets a big tick from me.

The Recipe Ingredients

1 medium cauliflower

40g butter

40g plain flour

100g mature cheddar cheese (grated)

1 tsp mustard (whichever is your preference)

400ml milk (I used semi skimmed)

salt & black pepper


Wash the cauliflower and cut into florets. Cook in salted boiling water for 4-5 mins and drain well. Set aside.

In a saucepan melt the butter on a low heat.

Once the butter has melted add the flour and stir together for 2 mins.

Turn off the heat and then gradually add in the milk a little at a time, stirring continuously until it is all added.

Put the heat back on (medium) and bring to the boil stirring continuously.

Once you see bubbles forming, turn off the heat again and add the mustard and 3/4 of the grated cheese. Give this a good stir. It should be thickening nicely now.

Return to a low heat for 1-2 mins then switch off the heat.

Add salt & pepper as required (to your own tastes) and stir together.

Arrange the well drained cauliflower florets in a dish and pour over with the cheese sauce till all the cauliflower is covered.

Sprinkle with the remaining grated cheese.

Place in a pre heated oven Gas 5 190C for 25-30 mins.


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