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A Magical Food Truck Experience

I love to try new food and have new food related experiences, so when friends were calling round and our local taproom Beerheroes (https://www.beerheroes.com/) were hosting an American Style street food truck that same day, well, it was too good an opportunity to miss.... off we went to visit!

Lovage and Rosemary is the brand name behind the Magical Food Truck.

The inspiration comes from Beata Skorek and her love of food and all things magical.

Based in North Wales and established in 2017 they travel around the country offering a private hire service as well as attending food festivals and other events https://lovageandrosemary.co.uk/

What lovely people, they were very friendly and greeted me with big smiles and were only too happy to let me try samples off their menu to help me choose which tasty delight to go for.

The menu selection on their website is varied and there is a good selection for both meat lovers and vegetarians. For the event I attended they had 4 menu choices.

Polish Kielbasa Hot Dog Grilled gourmet sausage with Swiss cheese and caramelised onions with home made sauces

Kashanka Hot Dog Polish style black pudding hot dog with caramelised onions, roast apple slices and homemade garlic sauce.

Chicken Wraps x 3 Grilled chicken with fresh vegetables and herbs with homemade garlic sauce.

Galician Sandwich Slow cooled Polish style pork with caramelised onions, mushrooms, grilled cheese, pickles, lettuce and fried carrots with homemade honey-mustard sauce served in a large hot bun.

The prices varied from £5 to £7 depending on what you chose. For me, this was good value as it was a decent portion and compares in price to the same style of food truck at food festivals I have previously visited.

There was a good crowd of people attending for a very windy Saturday night, and those I spoke to were all satisfied and enjoyed their food.

I try to support local businesses whenever I can and know that the Beerheroes taproom host foodie related events quite often so it's worth checking out the website for upcoming events.

As for Lovage and Rosemary and their Magical Food Truck - it's a big thumbs up from me. They can be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lovageandrosemary/ and Instagram under @lovageandrosemary - check them out, they might be attending somewhere near you :-)

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