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Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Pappardelle

Pasta is a midweek staple for me. What I love about it is that you can look at what you have in the fridge and cupboards and pretty much make it into a meal. This is exactly what I did with this recipe. You don't have to use Pappardelle, any flat pasta like linguine or tagliatelle will work well. The cooking time is the time it takes to cook the pasta, which is usually around 10 mins - result! The Recipe Ingredients

Creamy Mushroom & Herb Pasta

First time of making this pasta dish. I had some chestnut mushrooms left from the stroganoff so thought I'd use them up with some fresh herbs in a creamy sauce - heavenly! It only takes about 10 mins (as long as it takes for the pasta to cook) to produce this plate of deliciousness and you won't be disappointed. Again, it isn't millions of ingredients, so you're onto a winner and perfect for the vegetarians amongst us :-) The Recipe Ingredients

Pasta Bolognese

This is definitely a classic that most of us have tried. This is my version.... and not a jar of Dolmio in sight! The ready made sauces are created for convenience and are, most of the time, loaded with sugar, and to be fair it takes the same time to open a jar of sauce as it does to open a tin of tomatoes, and often it works out cheaper than a pre made sauce ..... so why not got it a go! The Recipe Ingredients 1tbsp olive oil 125g Pasta (I often use Penne) 1 tin of chopped t

Spinach & Broccoli Pasta

I really don't like to waste food, which means sometimes I try to think of new ideas and recipes to use up items I have in my fridge. On this occasion it was a bunch of spinach, a lemon and a few florets of broccoli .... I had a flash of inspiration and voila, I had come up with a really tasty pasta dish which I'm sure you'll love. It only takes 10 mins and has a handful of ingredients, plus for those of you who are vegetarian, it is ideal. It is also a very economical dish t

Homemade Beef Lasagne

I made my first lasagne over 25 years ago and some of my closest friends will say it is my signature dish. It was certainly the most popular answer to "what shall I cook" when friends were coming over, and definitely my mum's favourite. I can't put my finger on what makes it so popular, I just think it's a very comforting type of food and a dish I'll never tire of cooking or indeed eating! The Recipe Ingredients 500g minced beef (as lean as possible - I use steak mince from t

Homemade Bread

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