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Healthy Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

I've recently adopted a rescue dog called Taffy, and part of my settling in plan was to make some biscuits for him so that he got used to sounds and smells in the kitchen. Being a rescue dog means he won't have even been in a house before let alone a kitchen, with things pinging and whirling and making all kinds of funny noises. The smell of the biscuits cooking would help him realise that it was a safe environment for him. It certainly helped as he sniffed the whole time. H

Quick & Easy Scrummy Sausage Rolls

Sometimes we get asked to an event or invited to a friend's house and we're asked to bring something along. Instead of worrying and then deciding to pay M&S to do it for you, why not make your own buffet blockbuster?! The sausage rolls are actually a Jamie Oliver recipe which I have made on numerous occasions. They are tasty, quick and easy to do and look impressive too! The Recipe Ingredients 6 sausages of your chosen flavour (Lincolnshire work well) 1 pack of ready rolled p

Homemade Bread

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