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Food with Jude is simply me sharing my love of all things food, so, here you will find such things as recipes, restaurant reviews, local suppliers to try, farm shops, artisan markets and general foodie information which you will hopefully find useful.  So, sit back, relax, and read on.


Chorizo & Roasted Pepper Pasta

When you have a group of friends coming round, pasta is a great dish to serve. I wanted to try a different combination of flavours, so came up with adding in the roasted red/yellow peppers which would give a gentle sweetness. I try to steer clear of anything too spicy, as not everyone has the same palette as me! (although I did sneak a green chilli in) It's not too time consuming as once everything is chopped it pretty much goes in the pot together, so you aren't tied to the

Tomato & Mozzarella Bagels

It's nice to try new things especially at breakfast, as we usually get stuck in a rut with what to have and tend to stick with the same things day after day. These bagels are an ideal alternative for breakfast (especially for a weekend breakfast or if you have guests staying that you want to impress) and even make a nice brunch or lunch too! I thought I'd try this Italian influence, after a trip to Italy inspired me to try different combinations of flavours with everyday item

Homemade Bread

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