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Traditional Pancakes

It's Pancake Day! Who doesn't love making, flipping and tucking into pancakes. It's fun to do and there are so many different toppings and fillings to create. Your imagination can run wild! The Recipe Ingredients 100g Plain flour 2 large eggs 300ml milk Toppings of your choice (maybe start with lemon and sugar) Method Pop the eggs, flour and milk in a jug and whisk till smooth. Let the batter rest for 10 mins (if you can resist) Put a splash of oil on some kitchen paper and w

Banana Muffins

I love weekends when you have no plans and can just potter about doing whatever you fancy doing. This weekend was one of those such weekends for me. Sunday afternoon came and I thought I'd bake ... it probably takes longer to weigh and prepare ingredients than it does to actually get the mixture done and in the oven! What inspired me was 2 slightly specked bananas looking all forlorn and unloved on the worktop. Banana muffins certainly gave them a new lease of life! This mixt

Homemade Sultana Loaf

This is a very simple variation on a standard sponge cake recipe. You can of course add any dried fruit such as raisins, cherries, orange peel, candied peel, currants etc but I prefer to use sultanas. It's easy to whip up and in less than an hour you have a delicious cake that can be served on its own, topped with butter (as I like it) or even served with custard! The Recipe Ingredients 4oz Golden Caster Sugar 4oz unsalted softened butter 2 eggs 8oz Self raising flour cap of

Healthy Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

I've recently adopted a rescue dog called Taffy, and part of my settling in plan was to make some biscuits for him so that he got used to sounds and smells in the kitchen. Being a rescue dog means he won't have even been in a house before let alone a kitchen, with things pinging and whirling and making all kinds of funny noises. The smell of the biscuits cooking would help him realise that it was a safe environment for him. It certainly helped as he sniffed the whole time. H

Choc Chip Cookies

It doesn't get much better than a homemade choc cookie, they taste so much better when you have made them yourself and, of course, are far better for your bank balance! Easy to whip up and will last a good few days in an air tight container .... haven't tried freezing them (they never last long enough) You choose the favour of chocolate chips or mix as I did. The Recipe Ingredients 150g butter, softened 80g demerara sugar 80g golden caster sugar 2tsp vanilla extract 1 large e

Homemade Scones

Scones are a staple in most peoples eyes and with the recent popularity of an Afternoon Tea they seem more popular than ever. So many recipes and so many variations, therefore I am giving my basic recipe with my tip for pulling the dish together as a finished article and you vary as you would like. Some people like fruit, some don't ... so just tweak as you wish. The Recipe Ingredients Makes 6-8 225g self rai

Victoria Sponge Butterfly Cakes

What do you do when you fancy something sweet but have nothing in the cupboard .... you make something! This was me last night, so I set about whisking together a recipe that dates back at least 40 years to a time when I used to help my mum in the kitchen (and get to lick the bowl!!) Many a fight started about who's turn it was ... I'm sure you can relate. Within 10 mins the mixture was weighed, whisked and plonked into cake cases and ready for the oven. It would have taken

Peanut Butter & Choc Chunk Cookies

These cookies only take about 15 minutes from start to finish. You can whip them up in no time, as all the ingredients bar one go in to the mixing bowl at the same time. I love baking like this. You can of course add chopped nuts instead of choc chunks, that is up to you. When you look at the ingredient list you will see that they aren't as "unhealthy" as you might have first thought. No regular flour, butter or sugar in this recipe! The Recipe Ingredients 1 cup of ground alm

Comforting Rhubarb Oaty Crumble

What could be better, on a cold blustery evening, than crumble and custard?! One of my friends turned up at my door with a big bag of rhubarb, so naturally I decided to make a crumble. It's probably the one recipe most would associate with rhubarb. There's not a huge list of ingredients, which as you know is a winner for me! Give it a try. The Recipe Ingredients Filling 400g rhubarb 1 cap of vanilla extract 75g golden caster sugar 2 tsp cornflour Crumble 135g plain flour 15g

Homemade Bread

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